About Us

An informational hub educating individuals about the complexities, daily struggles, and systemic barriers of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the metro Phoenix area, and how to get involved in proven, sustainable solutions. 

What began as a project through the Obama Foundation’s Community Leadership Corp has developed into a hands on simulation to educate community members, business leaders, and elected officials on what it is like to experience homelessness.

About the Founder

Katie has always focused on bringing community resources together to better address housing and homelessness from a human-centered perspective. She holds a Master’s Degree in Program Evaluation and Data Analytics from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Denver with minors in Psychology, Leadership Studies, and Math.

Aside from running simulations through Street Sense, Katie works for the City of Phoenix as the Community Court Program Manager. When not working on community development, she enjoys exploring new coffee shops, reading, and spending time outside with friends and family.